Flavour Science

Read more about the reaction that makes Kulfi a unique flavourful feast

Every year during summers, I, like my mother, and her mother before her, used to wait for the Kulfiwala (Kulfi Seller) to arrive in our street in the evening and the moment we heard him shouting his arrival, we would step out of our home to greet him and buy kulfis to treat our sweet tooth. There’s no denying its power to tempt and make people fall in love with it. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, ‘kulfi’ is a popular Indian frozen dessert made from simple ingredients such as milk, table sugar and cardamom…

Future of Food

Why is everyone expecting CO2 to save our planet?

CO 2, a greenhouse gas that was once considered a villain has now become an uprising superhero, a hero on whom all of us are relying upon to save us and our planet. Innovators and promoters of sustainable development, across the globe, are now trying to capture excess CO 2 and turn it into meat, alcohol, concrete, fuel, plastics and whatnot. It seems nowadays everyone is trying to make everything out of CO 2.

How are they doing it?

A lot of research organizations and companies are building their sustainable production systems around a technology, generally referred as DAC- Direct Air Capture. …

Seles Gupta

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